Armed only with his wit and optimistic cynicism, Suspeckted takes you on a junior-highesque joyride as he rants and raves from his bag o' tricks intermixed with his tales and his unwaning desire to be a poet...scribbling and doodling from margin 2 margin.
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June 18, 2007 by Suspeckted
Hi everybody,
I guess I wouldn't sat that I'm back necessarily, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to poke my head around here and see what's going on. I see many are up to their old tricks, regurgitating the same dead topics over and over again trying to pass off reworded redundancy as originaly thought. Looking back at my old posts I suppose I'm just as guilty as the next, but it still frustrates me. Then, as per usual, I get sucked into some stupid argument that I've debated with peo...
September 21, 2006 by Suspeckted
You'll probably find this one on a used envelope, I keep losing my journal.

I'll call it polished,
but this extra pen, the tip now demolished,

without a permit for explosive demolition,
all about permitting my explosive ambition,

my passions all have short fuses,
high fashion ladies suffering from self-abuses,

I've got no sympathy,you could alleviate all your problems so simple-ly,
but problematic women are forever in style, that's why these boxers are from '94 when I was bored i...
September 21, 2006 by Suspeckted
There’s never been,
Chew in my lip,
A gun on my hip,
Sure I’ve slipped,
Angel wings clipped,
Traded for this forked tongue and spiked tail,
So I might as well…

Raise hell a little,
I spit more than rainbows when I eat a bag of skittles,
There’s not pot o’ gold at the end,
You tiny-tots, graffiti with sidewalk chalk on the cornstalks while I tend,
To hang out at your place, come over to myspace, won’t you please be my friend?

Add or subtract me, I got mathematical wisdom,
But wit...
August 23, 2006 by Suspeckted
Apparently the best way to get some 300 posts ala TheGuyPC is to insult everyone. So in that case I'm hear to state my bitter hatred for Joe User and everyone who uses it in hopes that it brings me straight to the top of the Joe's Top Ten. So defend this hell-hole that is Joe User. Shower me with your angry reactions. It will take at 100 responses from each of you for me to understand what you're saying so you better get writing.

you all suck,
August 23, 2006 by Suspeckted
As some of you may have or may not have noticed...(or care for that matter) but my blogging here greatly reduced when I got a myspace. I soon learned that a number of other JUs have myspace sites as well which certainly takes away some of many JUs cherished anonyminity (sp?). Wondering how many more of you are out in myspace as well. I'm not looking to "befriend" you or have you "befriend" me. Just curious, my myspace experience tells me that most of those of you who have them are under 30, ...
August 2, 2006 by Suspeckted
On Friday July 28th Annie and I set out for a bike trip in which both our spirits and the temperature was near record high. (don't worry, the rest of the story won't go on like this) We were on the Paul Bunyan trail trying to explore other parts of the trail and towns we hadn't explored yet.
We were moving quite swiftly when we came to Nisswa but opted not to stop there as we had a fairly lengthy tourist-trap experience there about a month before. We then came to Pequot Lakes (about 15 m...
May 16, 2006 by Suspeckted
Find events in your city:

Hey JU, just a little blurb to celebrate bike commuters. I know it's very difficult for many of us to bike to work, but please even if you can't ride yourself to work for whatever reason, this week please try to give those human-powered two wheelers a little space on the road and a little courtesy. They're one less car to wait for when you're getting metered onto the freeway, one more open parking space, keeping the ai...
February 9, 2006 by Suspeckted
I found myself breifly channel surfing yesterday and stumbled upon the rarely watched by anyone sitcom "Yes Dear." The main charcters of the show are two married couples living in close quarters - two homes that share a yard and largely share their lives together. Little did I know that this crappy sitcom would present a real-life possible philosophical question. The plot of the particular episode I was watching one of the men was visited by his high school girlfriend and her husband. His o...
February 9, 2006 by Suspeckted
SuspeckTed knocks away the shards of glass and debris from the "break in case of emergency blog topic" case and grabs can of worms and quickly rips open the top and out comes his latest discussion topic: Heterosexual relationships and homosexual cheating. I may have posed this question before

I've always found it interesting to ponder hypotheticals on cheating in relationships. I will begin with a disclaimer that I myself have never cheated on anyone I've been in a committed relationship n...
November 23, 2005 by Suspeckted
"Weasling out of things is important to learn. It's what seperates us from the animals... except the weasel."

- Homer Simpson

Let's get one thing clear on this. I don't really care about animals to much, at least compared to many of those who would soon rather kill themselves than have to eat another animal, those who lay awake late at night thinking of those cute abandoned pets in the wake of hurricanes, those who cry for those poor lab rats used to test AIDS vaccines, or those who shudd...
July 28, 2005 by Suspeckted
Hey guys, I've found a new place to put down my blogs with a lot of custom features and such and it's been a fun way to connect with everyone so I doubt I'll be posting on JU much more, or if I do, it will be sporadic, so I'd like to invite anyone to come see me at my new blog home at Lots more personal info about me there for any of you who are into that sort of thing.

May 20, 2005 by Suspeckted
N.C. Anti-Cohabitation Law Under Attack
AP ^ | 05/09/05 | STEVE HARTSOE

Posted on 05/09/2005 12:56:01 PM PDT by nypokerface

RALEIGH, N.C. - There are some 144,000 unmarried couples living together in North Carolina, and they are all breaking the law — a statute that has been on the books since 1805.

The law against cohabitation is rarely enforced. But now the American Civil Liberties Union is suing to overturn it altogether, on behalf of a former sheriff's dispatcher who says she ...
May 20, 2005 by Suspeckted
Pregnant student defies graduation ban
Thursday, May 19, 2005 Posted: 9:09 AM EDT (1309 GMT)

Alysha Cosby sits at her family's apartment in Montgomery, Alabama, on April 28.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) -- A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school announced her own name and walked across the stage anyway at the close of the program.

Alysha Cosby's decision prompted cheers and applause Tuesday from many of her fellow seniors at St. Jude Ed...
March 16, 2005 by Suspeckted

This link will bring you to an article in the University of Minnesota's M Magazine. Here are a few select quotes from it that led me to write a fairly discouraged letter to the editor which I have pasted below as well as the response to the letter.

Selected Qoutes:
When you have serious discussion with your friends, what do you talk about?
"We talk about politics, religion, boys, our families, shopping, parties, clothes...." says Evenson. "We debate little things [in politics]. L...
March 15, 2005 by Suspeckted
I can't wait to use the word during the next game of scrabble. How long before high school teachers can put this one on the vocab quiz or until it's in Readers Digest's - Word Power.


PS - good to see that "Blog" made the cut too...hooray!

CLEVELAND - Wedgie, a teenager's locker-room nightmare, has made it into the dictionary. Webster's New World College Dictionary based in Cleveland said wedgie was among its new additions to its latest edition.

The new edition wi...